We're Good to Go...

Phew ! 2020 is really something, isn’t it!

We have always strived to maintain five star standards of cleanliness at Brecon Retreat, however as a result of Covid-19 it has meant that we have elevated these standards to even higher levels and we’ve invested in specialist equipment to disinfect and kill bacteria and viruses.

As a result of all our measured changes, we are pleased to confirm that we have been awarded a Covid-19 ‘Good To Go’ kitemark. This is an industry standard to show we have demonstrated that we are adhering to the respective Government and public health guidance, have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment, and have put the required processes in place. However, whilst we will take every measure; we cannot completely guarantee a 100% virus free environment, but we are doing our utmost to aspire to this!

With all the will in the World with extra housekeeping and maintenance, we have had to make our check-in times a bit later and check-out times a bit earlier (9.30am), to give us more time to double clean and disinfect our properties ready for new guests. You cooperation with our enhanced approach to a safer handover between guests and staff would be appreciated. Check-in and check-out times will be confirmed prior to your arrival and departure. At this moment in time, we are unable to consider requests for earlier arrivals, or later checkouts.

Our squeaky-clean approach:

Our cleaning protocol in a nutshell is that after a normal touch-point clean, we will also disinfectant the property, so in other words – a double clean. We will be paying special attention to high-touch areas, ensuring adequate ventilation for a number of hours between guests. Anti-viral sprays and UV fogging will also take place, thus allowing for same day changeovers.

Here’s a quick checklist of new things we’ve implemented…

✔️ Sanitiser units provided at entry points of accommodation and communal areas and local footpaths
✔️ Contactless check-in (the key will be left in secure location)
✔️ All high-touch point areas such as handles, remote controls, light switches are double-cleaned with anti-viral hospital grade disinfectants
✔️ All cutlery, glassware and mugs are run through the dishwasher on a hot cycle between guest changeovers
✔️ All pillow protectors are replaced on every changeover and bedding is sprayed with anti-virals prior to making up with fresh bed linen
✔️ Checkout packs are provided prior to vacating the property containing instructions and bags to help separate bed linen and bath linen, limiting exposure to our staff who are vulnerable
✔️ PPE is provided to housekeeping and maintenance staff
✔️ Staff maintain a distance of two metres between their work colleagues or customers.
✔️ We will not access your property during your stay unless it’s for an emergency or essential maintenance (garden room at Alpaca Lookout is an exception for us to maintain hot tub – face covering will be worn).

Accommodation with hot tubs:

We are trained and follow guidance from The British and Irish Spa Hot Tub Association (BISHTA).
There does not appear to be any evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the water in pools and hot tubs, as long as it’s properly-maintained.

✔️ Hot tubs will be serviced daily to ensure that water remains properly sanitised for your hygiene and safety
✔️ The hot tub is disinfected and fully emptied every changeover and refilled with fresh water
✔️ Replacement filters are fitted every changeover
✔️ Bacteriology tests are conducted every month to check for any aerobic nasties
✔️ Legionnaires tests are conducted every 3 months

What we ask of you:

• Prior to arriving, if any of your group have covid-19 or are experiencing symptoms they Contact 111 and they will advise on what to do and please also make us aware
• Please do not arrive before your arrival time
• Follow our checkout procedures with care
• If you or any of your group develop symptoms during your stay let us know immediately.
• If you are asked to self-isolate you need to do this by returning to your own home. If you are too unwell to return home and have to self-isolate in our property, which extends past your booked departure date, you will be liable for all the costs incurred to compensate guests who were due to arrive.

In the event of a confirmed Coronavirus case:

If someone is tested positive with the virus, we will be fogging the property the property with high strength disinfectant and leaving the property vacant for a minimum of 72 hours, before sending in a team to conduct a deep clean and re-fogging. This would force closure of the property for at least a week and although we will be sad to disappoint incoming holidaymakers, we feel this is the most sensible approach to keep us all safe.

Should someone fall ill during their stay with Coronavirus, we will be governed by to provide all the necessary data to assist with Track & Trace and anyone at risk will be contacted.