We support and encourage Green Tourism

We have a passion for luxury accommodation, but we have an even bigger passion for the environment. We’ve believe that being green isn’t a luxury, its a necessity. But, being green doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on luxury – you can have both!

Our commitment to Sustainable & Green Tourism:

  • We aim to raise awareness of living more green, to encourage guests to adopt greener ways of living, for when they return back home.
  • To be responsibly aware, we use and provide eco-friendly cleaning products during your stay; which is better for the environment and for your health.
  • Our complimentary bath goodies are 100% natural botanical and are all packaged in biodegradable packaging.
  • Wherever possible; we use recyclable or biodegradable consumables.
  • We also use bath robes and towels which are made from speciality cotton that make them fast drying, reducing the energy when laundering.
  • We carefully select indoor plants to remove toxins and purify the air inside the property.
  • We monitor and review environmental performance on a regular basis and always strive for improvement.
  • We are also mindful of ensuring our property offers something back to nature.
  • We actively create habitats to encourage wildlife such as bats, birds and mammals.
  • Our landscaping scheme has also been carefully designed to attract bees, butterflies or birds to feed.


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